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The world famous ancient town of Dwarka needs hardly any introduction. Located on the confluence of Gomati River and the Gulf of Kutchh between 22’ & 22.28’ N latitude and 68.59’ E longitude, Dwarka is Lord Krishna’s town. The original temple of lord Krishna is believed to be constructed by Vajranabhji, the great grand son of Lord Krishna. The existing temple is a 15th / 16th century structure constructed in Chalukya style in 27 m x 21 m area. Its tallest peak is 51.8 m high, its east-west length is 29 m and north-south width is 23m. It is said that Dwarka's pilgrim starts receiving fruits of Ashwamedh Yajna from the moment he commences his journey towards Dwarka... read more »
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Gomati Ghat
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Dwarka Janmashtami - Krishna Chhadi
Dwarka Janmashtami - Krishna Aarti
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Calendar 2015 (1024x768)
Calendar 2015
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Dt: 17-06-2015
The holy Adhik Maas (Purushottam maas) has begun from to-day. Large number of....

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Dt: 14-04-2015
In obeisance to my late father Shri Dhirajlal Hirjibhai Nathwani and in devotion to Lord Dwarkadheesh...

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Dt: 13-04-2015
Dhanraj, my son, performing ritual pooja for eternal peace of soul of my deceased father at holy place Dwarka...

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Dt: 10-10-2014
Hon’ble CM, Gujarat Mrs Anandiben Patel visited Dwarka for the 1st time after becoming CM

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Dt: 20-10-2014
Vagh Baras

Dt: 21-10-2014
Dhan Teras

Dt: 22-10-2014
Roop Chaudasch

Dt: 23-10-2014
Dt: 24-10-2014
Nutan Varsh
Dt: 25-10-2014
Bhai Beej
Dt: 26-10-2014
Labh Pancham
Jammastami - Madhav Katha Ke Manav Katha !
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