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Gujarat Mrs Anandiben Patel visited Dwarka, October 10, 2014
Hon’ble CM, Gujarat Mrs Anandiben Patel visited Dwarka for the 1st time after becoming CM. I was privileged to greet her and present picture of Lord Dwarkadheesh to her.
With Hon'ble CM, Gujarat Mrs Anandiben Patel in Dwarkadheesh temple precincts during her visit to Dwarka on October 10, 2014. Hon’ble CM, Gujarat Mrs Anandiben Patel visited Dwarka
Hon’ble CM, Gujarat Mrs Anandiben Patel visited Dwarka for the 1st time after becoming CM. I was privileged to greet her and present picture of Lord Dwarkadheesh to her. Hon’ble CM, Gujarat Mrs Anandiben Patel visited Dwarka
Sh PN's Photo at Dwarka during Bhagvat Katha at Ishwarbhai Zakharia's place.
Bhagvat Katha in Bhatel Village.
Chandan Vagha Shringar of Lord Dwarkadheesh.
Fuldol in Dwarka Temple on Monday, March 17, 2014
Large numbers of pilgrims are now seen on their way to Dwarka. They are alldevotees of Lord Krishna who travel on foot to participate 'Fuldol' celebrations on Monday, March 17, 2014 on the occasion of Holi-Dhuleti in the famous JagatMandir of Lord Dwarkadheesh. The State Highway No. 26 from Jamnagar to Dwarka-Okha is in a mood of gaiety. Several pandalsand shamiyanashave come up on 150 km patch at regular distance. Large numbers of villagers, NGOs and corporates have set-up camps to greet the devotees of Lord Dwarkadheesh who walk to Dwarka for darshan of Krishna. Pilgrims are greeted with free food-packets, snacks, tea, soft-drinks, butter-milketc. Reliance Industries, Jamnagar too has set up a well-equipped large pandaladjacent to its refinery. The facilities at Reliance-run camp include free medical check-up and services, wash-room facilities and resting area besides free food-packets, snacks, tea-coffee, butter-milk etc. A large TV screen, images of Lord Krishna, well house-keeping and lay-out of Reliance pandal add to the serenity of the occasion. There is a resting facility and an arena to perform devotional songs and dance in praise of Krishna. It is a CSR of a different kind for Reliance. Fuldol Dwarka
Tulsi Vivah on 24th Nov. 2012 at Dwarka’s Jagat Mandir
The traditional Tulsi Vivah at Dwarka’s Jagat Mandir will be celebrated on November 24, 2012. 11th day of Kartik Shukla every year is observed as Tulsi Vivah day. Lord Krishna in His Vishnu incarnation had married to Vrunda (also known as Tulsi) on this day. All arrangements worthy of a traditional marriage have been made and the temple decoration is done. Tulsi Vivah Shrinagar Darshan of the Lord Dwarkadheesh will be a special attraction on this day. Pujari Shri Manubhai Upadhyay of Shardapeeth under the guidance of Pujya Swami Sadanandji and with the blessings of Anant Shrivibhushit Parampujya Shankaracharya Maharaj Swami Swarupanandji has been coordinating Tulsi Vivah preparations. Shri Chandu Barai family of Dwarka is the host of Tulsi Vivah celebrations.
Fuldol at Dwarkadheesh Temple on Friday, March 9, 2012
As a part of Holi and Dhuleti festivals, ajoyous fuldol mahotsav will be celebrated at Dwarkadheesh's Jagat Mandir in Dwarka on Friday, March 9, 2012. During these festivals, the darshan timings will undergo little change. On the day of Holi purnima falling on 7th March, the Wednesday and the blank day on 8th March, the Thursday, the Mangala aarti will be at 06:00 A.M. and the temple will be closed at one o'clock. The evening darshan schedule will be as usual.

On the occasion of Fuldol on 9th March also, Mangala aarti will be at 06:00 A.M. and the temple will be closed at one o'clock. Fuldol utsav darshan however will be in the afternoon from 02:30 P.M. to 04:00 P.M. Utthapan will be at 05:30 P.M. and temple will be closed as per routine schedule.
Mangla Aarti in Dwarka Now at 06:30 A.M.
Mangla aarti in Dwarkadheesh temple is rescheduled to 06:30 a. m. from December 15, 2011. The temple will be closed at 01:00 p.m. This is done to facilitate the rush and increased number of devotees and pilgrims. Rest of the schedule of darshan timing etc will remain unaltered; except the routine changes made on festivals, full-moon days, dhanurmaas, eclipses, etc.

Mangla aarti darshan on dhanurmaas days (Tuesday December 20, 2011; Sunday December 25, 2011; Tuesday January 3, 2012 and Tuesday January 10, 2012;) will be at 05:30 a.m. and temple will be closed at 10:30 a.m.
Legendary Kaklas Kund under Face-Lift
The famous Kaklas Kund at Dwarka is soon to regain its past glory. The neglected monument is now under renovation and repairs. Gujarat Tourism has undertaken the work in a way that its traditional significance is retained.

In short, the story of Kaklas Kund goes like this. The mythological king named Nrig, known for his charity and donations, inadvertently donated the same cow twice. The two Brahmin recipients of the same cow were not allowed to lodge a complaint to the king. The Brahmin cursed the king to be a chameleon and stay in a dark pond (Kaklas Kund). The curse would end when Lord Krishna in Yadu Vansh incarnation would touch the chameleon.

Accordingly, when children of Yadavas were playing, they found frightening chameleon. They called Krishna who touched the reptile and freed him. In Dwarka, the Lord Krishna’s image is brought to Kaklas Kund on ‘zilana ekadashi’ in the Indian month of Saavan. The image is given holy bath there.

Kaklas Kund, thus is a very important site seeing in Dwarka. Devotees believe that taking bath in the Kaklas Kund’s water is the cure for skin deceases.
Dr. Ashok Singhal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Chief at Dwarkadheesh temple on 19th July 2011.
Udyogika-a book on Dhirubhai Ambani by Prof. Murari was released recently at Shardapeeth, Dwarka with the belessings of Swami Sadanandji.
New Pilgrim-facilities Dedicated in Dwarka Foundation Laid for a Pedestal Bridge on Gomati Ghat.
Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas, the state's minister for health, tourism & pilgrimmage development dedicated the newly built pilgrims' facilities near dwarka's jagat mandir and laid foundation stone for a pedestal bridge on the bank of river gomati to go to shrines on the opposite bank. Mr. Parimal Nathwani, the rajya sabha mp, ril's group president & vice-chairman, dwarkadheesh devasthan samiti was the chief guest.
Mr Nathwani Inspects Construction of Dwarka Parisar Development Project.
Mr Parimal Nathwani, vice-chairman, Dwarkadheesh Devasthan Samiti inspected the construction work of Dwarka Parisar Development during his visit to Dwarka on Janmashtami. He discussed the progress of work and immediate next things to be taken up for finally make the facility functional as early as possible. The Dwarka Parisar Development project is a joint initiative of the Government of Gujarat and Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). The existing construction expenditure is estimated to be of Rs.2.78 Crore. Addition of extra work thought of to beautify the entire temple parisar is likely to shoot up the expenditure by another Rs. 0.50 Crore. Mr. Nathwani is also a Group President (Corporate Affairs), RIL.
Dhwaja Booking for Dwarkadheesh’s Jagat Mandir for the Year 2012 Begins
The process for booking of Dhwaja for Dwarkadheesh’s Jagat Mandir for the year 2012 will begin from 1st April 2011. Gugali Brahmin Jnati’s office will distribute the forms for the same from 15th March 2011 which will required to be submitted back duly filled in by the applicant-devotees by 31st May 2011. The priority of registering the bookings will be decided by the draw system on 19th June 2011 at 0400 p.m. in Gugali Jnati’s office and registration as per priority thus determined will start from 25th June 2011. The applicant-devotee will require a valid identity card to participate in the booking procedures; according to a press communique issued.
Dwarka-Bhavnagar Coastal Highway
The government of India has decided to construct a 410 kilometer coastal highway between Dwarka and Bhavnagar. This was announced by union minister for road transport Mr. Tushar Chaudhary. This national highway will connect Dwarka and Bhavnagar via Porbandar and Pipavav. The work will begin after the receipt of the feasibility report.
‘Phuldol’ at Dwarka on 20th March 2011
March 20, 2011, Sunday is Dhuleti-festival of colors. Large number of pedestrian-devotees have begun their journey to Dwarka well in advance. Several roadside camps near villages serve the devotees with tea/snacks/meals etc. This festival is traditionally celebrated in Dwarka’s Jagat Mandir as Phuldol and the Lord Dwarkadheesh is adorned with typical shringar on this day. The darshan timings for this day will undergo slight change. The mangala aarti will be at 0700 a.m. The temple will be closed for preparation at 1230 p.m. The Phuldol festival darshan will be between 0200 p.m. and 0400 p.m. Utthapan (re-opening) will be at 0530 p.m. and then the darshan timings will be as per routine. Devotees are advised to take note of the change.
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